If you were looking for the character for the Becoming a Master series, see Reina Yuki (Becoming a Master).
I have a goal besides competing in Indigo League: it's to find my brother, Adam. He went missing a year ago and hasn't been seen since. I want to find him.
Reina Yuki

Reina Yuki is a 12-year-old beginner Pokémon Trainer born in Blackthorn City of the Johto region. After her older brother Adam's sudden disappearance, she decided to start in the last region he was seen in, Kanto. She is the only daughter of Jace and Ally Yuki. Reina's first Pokémon is a male Houndour.


Reina has long brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a red sleeveless zip up jacket over a black sleeveless tank top, a pair of mid-thigh denim white shorts, black knee-length socks, and black shoes


Reina is an adventurous and eager new trainer; she is friendly but cautious at the same time. She sees Nova has the older sister she never had looks up to the older girl for advice, she does become sad when she thinks about her missing brother, Adam.


On hand

As a beginner Trainer, Reina does not have many Pokémon on hand.



Reina was born to Jace and Ally Yuki and the younger sister of Adam of two years. She was born and raised in the Johto Region of Blackthorn City. She was very close to her brother and the two enjoyed walking through the forest behind their house.

At the age of 10, she watched her brother leave on his journey with his Eevee. A year later, after her brother turned 14, she and her parents get the call that her brother went missing by his girlfriend, Dana Richards.

Kanto Saga

Reina makes her debut in A New Friend? trying to teach her Houndour Metal Claw, a move that it can't actually know.


Kanto Badges

Below is the list of Gym Badges Reina has won.

  • Boulder Badge (Prior to A New Friend?)


  • Reina was originally named Ryoko.
  • Reina was made to no tbe like Ash in the series, but much different